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Rising water table swamps Jozi

Joburg roads are starting to crumble because of the rising water table. Underground water is seeping through the roads and causing huge sinkholes and flooding into neighbouring properties.

Acid mine water flooding Johannesburg

Affected residents are facing costs of thousands of rand to install special drainage systems because the Joburg Roads Agency […]

Johannesburg gold riches spawn acid water woes

South Africa’s city of gold, Johannesburg, may soon start being eaten away by acidic water flowing from the mines that created its astronomical fortunes. […]

Devastation facing the Cradle of mankind.

Decisive action has become imperative as acidic mine water has reached the Cradle of Humankind from the West Rand […]

The race against toxic mine water

Toxic mine water surfaced eight years ago just west of Johannesburg, and still flows out of the ground during heavy rains. […]

Acid mine drainage plan

Finally some kind of action will be taken to resolve a pert of the issues of the rising acid water in Johannesburg mines. The solution to pump the water out feels much like covering the problem up with a plaster but at least some kind of action is being taken.

I am very uncertain as […]

[Water Crisis] “We don’t have a long-term plan” ~ Department of Mining

The Department of mining might not be the only government body that does not have a plan to ensure clean drinking water to all South Africans. The attitude of the department of mining is possibly the truth but is would be due to negligence and short sightedness.

Acid mine drainage is a global phenomena and […]

SA’s biggest environmental disaster ~ 3 months away

It is coming up to six months that the Department of Water Affair has been avoiding facing up to a challenge that could be South Africa’s biggest environmental disaster ever. An environmental disaster that could cripple the economic hub of Africa, not to mention the millions that inhabit Johannesburg.

It has not only been 6 […]

Slew goldmine operators pass on environmental responsibilities

After reaping the benefits of delving for gold in some of the worlds richest gold fields, slew mining operators want to shift environmental responsibilities onto the government. Were these environmental responsibilities to be shifted to the government legislation would be allowing mine operators to rape and pillage an area without needing to take responsibility for […]

Water Affairs supports Phosphate free detergents

Phosphate, a basic element that is readily used in cleaning detergents to soften water to allow a foamy wash might get the boot. This is after Water and Environmental Affairs Minister, Buyelwa Sonjica gave her support to go phosphate free (zero-P)

There is a misconception that the addition of phosphate to washing power aids in […]

Aurora in trouble for polluting ground water

It is slowly but surely coming to the attention of the general public that the mining sector that plays a significant role in stabilising and growing the South African economy is doing it at a disastrous environmental cost to the country. The countries mineral wealth is being extracted and replaced with toxic chemical that will […]