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Greywater garden irrigation vs. Boreholes

heard of the concept of showering more to save water, then it might sound counter intuitive, but… […]

My Garden

Greywater irrigation is the perfect solution to keeping a green garden throughout summer while being exempt from watering restriction. Get your free quote today […]

Cape Town rainfall, a garden / landscaping nightmare

Cape Town gardeners will resort to desperate measures this summer to protect their landscaping form extinction. This is because Cape Town’s rainfall has now entered a lower that average rainfall pattern (Drought cycle).

In the grips of a drought cycle (source: DWAF)

For those of us with good […]

Garden irrigation systems set to boom this summer

Based on information from the Department of Water Affairs there will be exponential growth in the sale and installation of garden irrigation systems this summer. This is because the Western Cape has now entered a lower than average rainfall pattern (Drought cycle).

Based on historic information going as far back as the 1960, Cape Town […]

Gardening with water conservation in mind

It is not often that one hears of a public garden centering it’s landscaping on water conservation. Not only can it be close to impossible to find a community with enough support for such an idea but it is also difficult to find a community that is willing to let go of the sentimental values […]