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'Dead Zone' in the Gulf

There has been much talk of the dirty oil polluting the seas and beaches close to the Deep Water Horizon, BP’s oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The latest studies are proving that the oil floating on top of the water, the visual shame, is not the worst of the disaster.

Hunting mammoths caused global cooling

It is hard to imagine that an activity like hunting can impact the worlds climate. After I become aware of the sheer volume of methane that is produced by cattle farming, I can now understand that there might be a correlation between the hunting mammoth and climate change.

I’m still skeptical the about plausibility of […]

Mine start generating its own green power

After writing a blog post on mines dumping toxic chemical into water two days ago, it is refreshing to come across this article in Mining Weekly that illustrates that not all mines have it in for the environment. The methane harvesting project at Beatrix mine in the Free State might have been initiated to save […]

Burning methane reduces global warming

It is a fact that Methane is a worse Climate change gas than carbon dioxide and that burning methane produces CO2. Burning Methane which does help in the fight against climate change. However methane can be put to better use than just flaring it off.

Flaring methane is a mini step in the right direction […]

Effort to contain the oil rig disaster fail.

What else is there to say. After an unprecedented double failure of the safety shut off mechanism when the rig caught fire, now effort to block the leak have been unsuccessful. If oil rig operators are unable to stop a leak then the public is left to question if these oil rig companies really know […]

Methane diesel technology-The future to Volvo

The diesel combustion engine is far more fuel efficient than the spark ignition engines (petrol engine) and now Volvo is investing an methane-diesel technology to make driving a diesel vehicle more environmentally friendly.

Which fuels will replace oil? Nobody yet knows the answer. However, in order for the manufacturers to be able to offer vehicles […]

The Methane Time Bomb

Atmospheric levels of methane, the greenhouse gas which is much more powerful than carbon dioxide, have risen significantly for the last three years running, scientists will disclose today – leading to fears that a major global-warming “feedback” is beginning to kick in.

For some time there has been concern that the vast amounts of methane, […]