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Regions with water disputes

Regions where water disputes are fuelling tensions South Asia

India is home to three major river systems – the Ganges, Brahmaputra and the Indus – which support 700 million people. As an upstream nation, it controls water flows to Bangladesh to the east and Pakistan to the west. India and Pakistan are both building hydropower […]

Nile River Delta at Night

From the areal photograph one can clearly see that life evolve around the Nile river. The river provides its people with the precious resource of water that not only is used for transport, but for agriculture and life sustaining drinking water. […]

Uncertainty over water

The uncertainty of water in many African countries is worrying as even countries that lie next to the mighty Nile are facing water scarcity. This not only just challenges developing African countries but could put a sudden halt in the further development of Africa. What a pity this could be to the African continent.

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