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Fracking the Karoo could dryout SA’s telescope bid

South Africa could become a place for further great scientific discovery or we could become a country that poisons groundwater supplies in order to burn more fossil fuels […]

South African Solar Power

South Africa is on its way to becoming a leader in the green energy revolution with a giant solar park which, once fully built, will be the largest in the world.

The multibillion rand park – earmarked for the hot, dry Northern Cape province – will be built over thousands of hectares and provide 5 […]

Why should we desalinate sea water?

Why should we desalinate sea water? Your guess would be just as good as mine.

Supposed authorities have latched on the the term and has started colloquialising the word. Desalination should not have the association of “mankind embracing new technology.” Nor should it be seen as an environmentally sound practice.

Desalination conjurers up thoughts […]