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Cape Town’s water stocks slump to four-year low

Capetonians could face stricter water restrictions as dam levels hit a four-year low. […]

Cape Town water tariff 2011

Cape Town’s water and sanitation tariffs are to increase by 8.28%. The first 6 kilolitres remains free and charges there after are calculated in incrementally. […]

Water tariffs are going up… up… up!!!

The National Planning Commission is warning households that there will be a “real increase” to the price of water. […]

Price of water to rise

Water prices for South Africans could in the near future quadruple… Rain harvesting could help concerned water used save. […]

Typical household water consumption

With Water Rhapsody water conservation system we can save up to 90% of you water bill. When was the last time you really looked at how much you were spending each month on water? […]