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Greywater reuse can solve water crisis in Dhaka

Recycling of greywater will protect aquatic ecosystems by decreasing the diversion of freshwater, reducing the quantity of toxic contaminants entering waterways. […]

Water is the first concern in Africa ~ Avis

One would think that 90% recycling should be sufficient, but not so at Avis. […]

The art of Rainwater Harvesting

Area’s around Cape Town experience 5 months of rainfall that is above 50mm. It is over this period that garden require little to non irrigation. This is when water tanks are either filling up or stand full and overflow excess water to waste. […]

Using Grey Water for Irrigation in the Organic Garden

When gardeners obey the cardinal rule for using greywater (Greywater is not to be stored) then using greywater for irrigation is perfect for organic vegetable gardening as long as organic soaps and cleaners are used. […]

Skills shortage in Department of water affairs

The National Treasury has doubled the budget for the Water and Environmental Affairs Department to R1.6 billion for 2011. Another R6.6 billion will be invested in infrastructure development over the next three years. […]

South African Dam Report 2011

deputy director-general for water resources infrastructure, Cornelius Ruiters, said of the 359 dams owned by the department, 161 needed “rehabilitation […]

Water conservation for climate change concerns

By investing in a home greywater and / or a rainwater harvesting system you could save as much as 90% on your municipal water bill. […]

South Africa in flood

The government has placed all emergency services on “high alert”. “Water and Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa yesterday warned people living near dams and rivers to be cautious. […]

Heavy rains cause water shortages

When harvesting rainwater with Water Rhapsody’s UPWS “uninterupted pressurised water supply” you can rest assured that you will have pressurised water inside your home at all times, in spite or inevitable water outages. […]

Seven New Year water saving resolutions for 2011

Climate forecasts do not bode well for the Western Cape’s water supply. The region is likely to become warmer and drier with reduced water in the rivers. […]