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7 Gardening Myths

Do you sometimes wonder if your green thumb is browning around the edges? You follow conventional wisdom, but you just don’t get the results promised. You mulch this and fertilize that, yet your garden doesn’t thrive. It’s enough to make you want to hang up your hoe.

Well friend, you may be victim of garden […]

South African Water Crisis

I hope this is not your first wake up call to the reality that could collapse our economy and our livelihood. South Africa is bound to face a severe water crisis unless the country is to act now! With toxic water many industries will not be able to function and will close. Tourism destinations will […]

In the trash it goes.

If we could find more fun ways to clean our cities and stop polluting, wouldn’t the world be a better place? These guys seem to be on to something. If we partake in fun filled green initiatives to protect our valuable resources I’m sure many more would join these good cause. Watch the video and […]