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Distribution of the worlds water resources

1. Approximately 97% of the worlds water is found in the oceans and seas as salt water. 2. Only the remaining 3% is fresh water. […]

Iraq’s future could be soiled by water scarcity

Iraq’s future may seem to rest in it’s ability to promote peace but there is an even greater battle looming for this war stricken country if it is unable to secure a water supply. The country’s main rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris, provide little relief to the parched plains as hydroelectric dams in neighboring […]

South African Water Crisis

I hope this is not your first wake up call to the reality that could collapse our economy and our livelihood. South Africa is bound to face a severe water crisis unless the country is to act now! With toxic water many industries will not be able to function and will close. Tourism destinations will […]