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An end to free water for Cape Town

Save water

“Game-changing” new policies for the use of South Africa’s scarce water resources have been introduced for public comment – including doing away with the universal free drinking water allocation of 25 litres a person a day.

If the policy changes are accepted – and the government appears highly determined to […]

Keep saving water – Summer is near

The typical household can save up to 90% of their water bill through a combination of harvesting rainwater, greywater recycling and other water saving technologies. […]

South African cities must prepare for water challenges

South African cities need to prepare for rapidly increasing oil prices, unpredictable rainfall patterns and fresh water demand […]

Just what is greywater?

Just what is greywater you ask? It is all the water that comes out of your sinks (not including your kitchen), showers and washing machine. Yeah and what do you do with it?

Water Rhapsody Garden-Rhapsody garden grey water irrigation system

Well that’s the easy and not so easy part. The easy […]

2010 November dam levels

The state of the main dams supplying the Cape metropolitan area as compared to the five previous years is reflected in the table below. It is important to bear in mind that the time to save water is when there is water to save, and we should therefore not become complacent about our water saving efforts. […]

Saving water with greywater garden irrigation

.. greywater garden irrigation system you could actually save on your water bill when you indulge in the luxuries of longer showers.. […]

Looming water crisis report (NEDLAC)

research by leading scientists and activists into the effect of acid mine water drainage and widespread pollution […]