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Sewage has hit the fan (The Green Drop Report)

The much awaited Green Drop Report has finally been made public. I am not astounded by the report as I suspected the countries sewage systems to be highly inadequate. The official findings of the report are shocking and raises many questions. What would it take to raise public awareness of a smelly business, one the […]

Where are the Water Affairs representitives?

At a recent government infestructure development media breefing, no representitives from the Department of Water Affair were present. This behaviour adds fear to the concerns of waste water treatment plants around the country.

This story from Times Live

“Water Affairs Minister Buyelwa Sonjica is on a state visit [to the United Kingdom] with the president… […]

Methane moves to front burner

Methane gas may be getting more attention soon as a renewable energy source and a way to contain odor issues, which have plagued livestock farms wastewater treatment plants and land fills.

The other biofuel

Methane has been the also-ran in the biofuels race, despite a years-long record of being used in some interesting ways to […]

Solutions to save South African water

Anthony Turton, vice-president of the International Water Resource Association, laid out 3 of the largest challenges facing South African water. […]

Methane gas, a worse pollutant than CO2

Carbon dioxide has been blamed for being the lead catalyst in global warming, however the latest scientific findings are showing that methane gas is much more effective than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. It’s been calculated as being 60% worse than carbon dioxide. And that’s just part of the trouble.

Methanogens are […]

Shocking wastewater treatment raport

In 2008 the South African department of water and environmental affairs launched a “Green Drop” certification program for all wastewater treatment works (WWTW) across the country. This was in an effort to improve the operations of these plants so as to minimize the impact they have on the water bodies the treated effluent get discharged […]

Flushing E-coli into Hout Bay’s Disa River

The Disa river in Hout Bay is the only river left that rises in the slopes of Table mountain that has not been extensively canalized in by concrete. This is what makes the river and its wetland a viable wild life reserve. Unfortunately it is being flooded by overflowing sewerage drains pumping this wild life sanctuary full of E-Coli and sewerage discharge. […]