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Water is the coal of the future.

It seems too good to be true that water can be used as a fuel, but in a recent paper, a fuel cell has been described which runs on water and air, in which you don’t actually “burn” water but a concentration gradient of water is established between the two electrodes, allowing entropy rather than […]

False Bay Ecology park gets thumbs up for sustainability

False Bay Ecology park on the banks of Zeekoe Vlei in Cape Town gets thumbs up for sustainability. The center has installed several Water Rhapsody water conservation systems that will enable the building to operate independently of a municipal water supply

The centre harvests all the rain that falls on its roof and sends this […]

25% renewable energy contribution to electricity consumption by 2025.

To supply only 25% of South Africa’s electrical needs with renewable energy is an exceptionally reasonable task. South Africa has ample capacity for both large scale solar plants and wind-power plants. The challenge lies in impressing this fact in the minds of the policy makers that seems to be stuck in the old ways of […]

Burning methane reduces global warming

It is a fact that Methane is a worse Climate change gas than carbon dioxide and that burning methane produces CO2. Burning Methane which does help in the fight against climate change. However methane can be put to better use than just flaring it off.

Flaring methane is a mini step in the right direction […]

Making Rain Clouds With Lasers

Who ever thought shooting a laser at the sky would let it rain?

Let it rain!!

Shooting lasers at the sky can make the germ of a rain cloud, a new study shows. In an experiment that smacks of science fiction, scientists used a high-powered laser to squeeze water from air, both indoors […]

Methane diesel technology-The future to Volvo

The diesel combustion engine is far more fuel efficient than the spark ignition engines (petrol engine) and now Volvo is investing an methane-diesel technology to make driving a diesel vehicle more environmentally friendly.

Which fuels will replace oil? Nobody yet knows the answer. However, in order for the manufacturers to be able to offer vehicles […]

Clean Energy or Coal for SA?

Clean energy (renewable energy) or coal power smoke stacks.

Renewable energy or Coal???

You decide! What will it be?

In just days, the World Bank will vote on a proposed R29 billion loan to Eskom to build the fourth-largest coal plant in the world — a climate disaster.

At the […]

Renewable energy from sea water.

developers have finally been given the green light to generate electricity from the power of the waves and tides around […]

Top 10 Renewable Energy News Stories

1. U2 Will Help Raise Money for Turkish Geothermal Plant – The environmentally and socially conscious, and outrageously popular band U2 announced it will not only purchase carbon offsets to balance the carbon footprint of its tour, but has also asked its fans to purchase offsets to balance out the greenhouse gas emissions they produce […]

SA's electricity crisis

With Eskom in crisis and the price of electricity set to rise dramatically over the next 2 year, it is becoming increasingly important for South Africans to change the way we use power. Not only will it be necessary for us to use electricity more sporadically but also to use more energy efficient appliances.

With […]