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Irrigate your garden every day

The Water Rhapsody Grey Water System provides you with a constant source of water for your plants everyday of the year by using recycled water from your shower, bath, or washing machine for irrigation. This second use of water allows you care for your plants throughout the year, even in seasons of drought and allows you to practice responsible conservation irrigation. […]

The Dual-flush mystery…

Dual flush toilet system can reduce the water wastage however the majority of people still find it confusing to discern which one of the two buttons to press. That why I just pressed both, unaware they were in fact two buttons.

Saving water everytime you flush

I remember I was puzzled. Which moon shaped […]

Water Tariffs for 2010

Water tariffs for 2010 will be increasing on average by 9 percent, keeping with inflation. This however does not mean our water bill will be of an equivalent value as they were in the the past as the charging increments have changed. The new charging structure can have a dramatic effect on your water bill. […]

South African tap water - Know where not to drink

The Bue Drop report has has cast some municipalities in deep water as they now need to clean up their act and start supplying clean drinking water to the communities they serve. Not knowing the quality of your drinking water may be bliss but for me, i like being able to rest assured that my […]

How much is your water costing you?

Few people know that we are charged twice for the water we use. The first time we pay for water is when it flows through the water meter into our homes. […]

Typical household water consumption

With Water Rhapsody water conservation system we can save up to 90% of you water bill. When was the last time you really looked at how much you were spending each month on water? […]