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Acid mine water: Mokonyane must step in

This water would then be released into the Vaal, diluted with clean water from the Lesotho Highlands Project to minimise the harmful impact […]

Water and energy a thirsty business

All SA’s coal-fired power stations require significant amounts of water. A 5000MW plant (about the size of Medupi) will use 60m m³ of water every year with wet cooling (that’s 2000l a second), but only 6m m ³ with dry cooling technology. […]

Vaal River water crisis looms

“It means the water supply to municipalities, industries and agriculture can no longer be guaranteed.” […]

Acid mine drainage plan

Finally some kind of action will be taken to resolve a pert of the issues of the rising acid water in Johannesburg mines. The solution to pump the water out feels much like covering the problem up with a plaster but at least some kind of action is being taken.

I am very uncertain as […]