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Cape Town water demand below peak level

The Department of Water Affairs has previously warned that the city’s available water will be fully utilised by 2019 due to growth in the population and the economy […]

Kruger Park River Polluted by Acid Water From Mine

Highly acidic water flowed from a dam filled with waste rock into Selati River near Phalaborwa resulting in “a massive fish kill […]

Water tariff increase is inevitable

Water-stressed South Africa needs to invest a massive R573 billion in water infrastructure, services and demand management over the next decade, but has budgeted for less than half this amount, government said on Monday.

This gap was a “significant shortfall”, water affairs chief operations officer Trevor Balzer told reporters at Parliament.

“If you look at […]

Price of water to rise

Water prices for South Africans could in the near future quadruple… Rain harvesting could help concerned water used save. […]

Why should we desalinate sea water?

Why should we desalinate sea water? Your guess would be just as good as mine.

Supposed authorities have latched on the the term and has started colloquialising the word. Desalination should not have the association of “mankind embracing new technology.” Nor should it be seen as an environmentally sound practice.

Desalination conjurers up thoughts […]

R1 Billion in debt: Water boards

Would you ever have imagined that even though you are not in arrears on your water bill, there is still a chance that your water will be cut off. This may sound ridiculous but this of great concern. If certain municipalities continuous to not pay for water than the Department of Environmental and Water Affairs […]