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State views water as ‘commodity’ – SAHRC

The areas worst affected by a lack of water and sanitation were poor black households. […]

Cape Town tariff hike may encourage water conservation

The City of Cape Town on Thursday said it hopes an increase in water and sanitation tariffs will encourage users to conserve water.

From Friday 1 July ratepayers’ monthly water bills will be going up by about eight percent.

Deputy Mayor Ian Nielson said some of the money will be spent on upgrading treatment works.


Cape Town’s water problem – Water is too cheap!

South Africans were not paying for the water they used and that the demand for water would exceed supply, despite plans to build dams. […]

Cape Town World Water Day shortfalls

As aging infrastructure and a wasteful attitude are to blame for much of the Cities water concerns it is still surprising that the city is still not trying to tackle the issue of water and sanitation at the cause of the problem. […]

Cape Town World Water Week 2011

Support World Water Week and by implementing water saving practices. Start Harvesting rainwater, recycling greywater and minimizing unnecessary water use. […]

Rainwater harvesting effective for whole country: Pakistan

rainwater harvesting program cannot only fulfill the demand of water in the affected areas but it can be applied all over Pakistan to overcome water shortage. […]