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Sustainable aesthetics keystone for water conservation

WATER conservation is loudly supported throughout Australian society, but a study by researchers from CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences has shown aesthetics and good old-fashioned neighbourhood competition are shaping Perth resident’s views on sustainable domestic water use.

According to the study published in Landscape and Urban Planning in January, general community aesthetics and the notion of ‘outdoing […]

Harvesting rain water a cheaper option

WINDHOEK – Harvesting rainwater could be the sensible option for people who do not have the financial means to pay municipal water bills in urban areas, or those who simply want to conserve the finite resource.

There has been a perception, albeit wrong, that people in urban areas such as Windhoek are not allowed to […]

How much water is needed to produce 1kg of beef?

Scientists have calculated that we would actually save more water by forgoing one pound of beef, or four hamburgers, than by not showering for at least six months. […]

Helen Zille does her part to promote water saving

The City of Cape Town’s mayor, Helen Zille, is leading by example and has adopted the attitude of monitoring her household water consumption. […]

Cape Town Rainfall is drying up.

Yesterday I spoke to a young woman who was already fearing her next water bill because as she said, “It’s only the start of August and I’ve been needing to water my garden for 2 weeks.” This is not the first statement on this matter that I’ve heard in that past few weeks.

Another comment […]

Will Cape Town follow in the footsteps of Australia: water conservation

If you thought South Africa’s water situation was bad then consider what is happening in Australia. Out of necessity Australia is leading the world when it comes to issues water conservation and sustainability. The continent has experienced 10 years of drought and has had to find innovative ways to supply an ever expanding population with […]

5 ways to use rainwater from your water tank

Many urban communities have become concerned about sustainability as the threat of water shortages becomes apparent. This has prompted many home owners to invest in water tanks as a sustainability measure. If a real difference is to be made in water conservation to prevent water outages, whole communities should invest in a rainwater tank. For […]

Port Alfred: 2 weeks before taps run dry

It is a scary thought to think that if we do not use water sparingly, we will run out very soon. This is a reality that many parts of the country will have to face soon and Cape Town is no exception. If we have the courage to face up to this fear we have […]

Water Tariffs for 2010

Water tariffs for 2010 will be increasing on average by 9 percent, keeping with inflation. This however does not mean our water bill will be of an equivalent value as they were in the the past as the charging increments have changed. The new charging structure can have a dramatic effect on your water bill. […]