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Groundwater – Everything You Need to Know

it can take centuries, or even millennia, for groundwater levels to be replenished naturally. The Great Artesian Basin in Australia has water that is two million years old! […]

Water conservation for climate change concerns

By investing in a home greywater and / or a rainwater harvesting system you could save as much as 90% on your municipal water bill. […]

Water facts and statistics

# 145 l – The litres required to produce one serving of a fizzy soft drink. # 1 000 t – The estimated tons of water required to produce one ton of grain. # 11 00 l – The volume of water required to produce one hamburger. […]

Unions call for action against water pollution

TRADE unions warn that SA needs to take urgent action to address water pollution, and have applied to the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) to discuss the issue. […]

South African Ecopreneur talks to World Leaders

The Blue Gold Rush – global water wars […]