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Western Cape rainfall pattern

the Western Cape has the highest variability of MAP within any of the provinces, and the highest individual point rainfall at an estimate of 3345 mm per annum […]

Water crisis worst blunder of 2010

In a country afflicted by a scarcity of water, a fast-growing population and ageing infrastructure, our water predicament has now become a ticking time bomb […]

It’s a no brainer: Rain harvesting

It’s crazy to be paying for water to be drained off, processed by the utility company and returned to you when the original water is fine to use for showering, washing hands, flushing your toilet and irrigating your garden. […]

Facing the Water Crisis

A decrease in the quality of water will have negative and different effects on the individual economic sectors. […]

Water awareness rising

The demand for reducing water consumption has lead home owners to install greywater garden irrigation systems and rainwater harvesting systems. Water Rhapsody is expanding. […]

New Urbanism tackles sustainable education

The centre attempts to spread awareness of increased water scarcity, amongst other issues, by demonstrating the ease and simplicity by which renewable resource can be harnessed and to help eliminate excessive squandering. […]