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South African Water Crisis

I hope this is not your first wake up call to the reality that could collapse our economy and our livelihood. South Africa is bound to face a severe water crisis unless the country is to act now! With toxic water many industries will not be able to function and will close. Tourism destinations will […]

Gardening with water conservation in mind

It is not often that one hears of a public garden centering it’s landscaping on water conservation. Not only can it be close to impossible to find a community with enough support for such an idea but it is also difficult to find a community that is willing to let go of the sentimental values […]

False Bay Ecology park gets thumbs up for sustainability

False Bay Ecology park on the banks of Zeekoe Vlei in Cape Town gets thumbs up for sustainability. The center has installed several Water Rhapsody water conservation systems that will enable the building to operate independently of a municipal water supply

The centre harvests all the rain that falls on its roof and sends this […]

The fight for water from the Nile

The Nile River basin

For years, several African countries have been negotiating a water sharing deal of the Nile River. Currently Egypt and Sudan have the majority of the control of the water flow (87%). Seven upstream countries are looking to source their water needs from the Nile. The seven countries include […]

SA looks at partnership with business to secure water future.

South Africa is looking to forge a partnership with business to ensure a water future. This is important as industrial water consumption is greater than domestic water use. The fact that South Africa could run out of water within the next 5 years is concerning for many businesses. SA is ranked 30th among the driest […]

Water Tariffs for 2010

Water tariffs for 2010 will be increasing on average by 9 percent, keeping with inflation. This however does not mean our water bill will be of an equivalent value as they were in the the past as the charging increments have changed. The new charging structure can have a dramatic effect on your water bill. […]

Opposition MPs blame water affairs of mismanagement

Opposition MP’s have taken on the department of water affairs and alleging mismanagement. If South Africa is not in a water crisis yet, how bad does the situation need to get before our minister calls it a crisis? Are we sitting on a time-bomb? It sure does look like the countries water concerns are coming […]

Solving Cape Town's water woes with desalination

This article from the IOL shows us the true state of Cape Towns Water woes. All Cape Town fresh water resources are already being used. These are estimated only to be enough til 2014. In a desperate move to augment Cape Towns dwindling water supply the city might start desalinating sea water. This might be […]

Eikenhof dam level drops by 8.8%

This week the biggest dam level drop was the Eikenhof dam, falling 8.8%

Eikenhof dam

Picture from Elgin Grabow angling club

Dam level information from CSIR

Dam River April 12 Middel-Metabo Dam Middel-Metabo River 7.7 Berg River Dam Berg River 80.8 Eikenhof Dam Palmiet River 38.0 Misverstand Berg River 101.2 Steenbras Dam lower […]

No to water tariff increase

Last week there were talks of significant water tariff increase averaging 16.84%. However the Minister of Water affair, Buyelwa Sonjica, has put this matter to rest and denies these allegations, stating that the Government has no plan to raise water tariffs.

Buyelwa Sonjica

The department on Tuesday confirmed it […]