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Western Cape rainfall ~ April 2012

This years seems to be a year of only average rainfall, however many of the dams around Cape Town and much lower than previous years. With only two month of more than average rainfall over then past 7 months, Cape Town may face water insecurities should this trend continue.

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Western Cape rainfall, June 2011

Cape Town has experienced a week of summer like weather over the past 10 days. These 10 days of summer is bound to have an impact on the city’s water supply. […]

Western Cape Rainfall pattern, April 2011

Over April less than half the amount of rain fell compared to the average. This confirms the the regions 7 year drought cycling. The last time Cape Town and the surrounding areas were through into a severe water shortage was 2004. […]

Western Cape Rainfall pattern | January

It is advised that household use alternative sources of water, including greywater to irrigate gardens and to conserve water where possible. It should be encouraged that all communities start practicing water saving behaviours. […]

Climate change: 2010 the hottest year

Nel says these rising temperatures will have many consequences, including greater reliance on underground water, which will increase energy use. […]

Western Cape winter rainfall pattern prediction

Cape Town winter rainfall pattern | possibility of June and July floods was rebuffed in the Argus of the same day by various expert climatologists. […]

A dry winter expected for the Western Cape

The weather service at Cape Town International Airport said the long-term forecast for the province done on January 17 predicted that rainfall would be 33% below normal in April, May and June this year. […]

What our dam levels aren’t warning us about

depending on the quality of rainfall either ground water (aquifers) or dam recharge is favoured. Even as our dams might be close to full, our underground water supplies might not be. […]

Drylands and Desertification

Drought-induced crop failure can result in direct food shortages at a local level, usually affecting subsistence agriculturists the hardest. Removal of vegetation […]

Western Cape rainfall pattern

the Western Cape has the highest variability of MAP within any of the provinces, and the highest individual point rainfall at an estimate of 3345 mm per annum […]