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The True Cost of Electricity Calculated

The True Cost of Electricity Calculated […]

Eskom & SA Government Responsible for Water Crisis

A water crisis is looming in South Africa, communities are at risk of losing access to water, and coal is right in the middle of it, according to a report released by Greenpeace today. This latest briefing is a stark reminder to the SA government to start pushing Eskom to substantially invest in renewable energy. […]

Eskom coal plants might be at risk – Water issue

Eskom might face difficulties in raising funds for its coal-fired projects in future if environmental organisations kept challenging decisions to fund coal plants, Econometrix’s chief economist, Azar Jammine, said yesterday.

Jammine was reacting to the release of a report by the World Bank on Friday, which showed that water and environmental concerns regarding the coal-fired […]

Power and Water Collide

Wind and solar photovoltaics require no water to generate electricity. Conserving energy and becoming more energy efficient doesn’t require a drop. […]

What we should know about Shell the oil company

Shell wants us to believe that in exploring for and extracting natural gas from underground layers of shale in the Karoo using the polluting and extremely water-intensive technique of hydraulic fracturing […]

What we don’t but should know about coal fired power plants

The sum total of water required for all of the power stations is six times the equivalent volume of the Vaal dam […]

The first to kick the Carbon habit.

There are still many countries that are hesitant to rely on wind and solar energy as a replacement for their dirt carbon habits. This is not the case for Germany which predicts that it could kick its carbon habit by 2050 using today’s technology.

If one of the world best industrialised nations is able to […]

The Google windfarm

Google has investment $38.8 million in two wind farms in North Dakota.

Google wind farm ~Ashtabula II

The company announced on Friday that it has invested $38.8 million in the 120MW Ashtabula II wind project in Barnes County and the 49.5MW Wilton Wind 2 wind farm in Burleigh County.

The two wind farms […]

SA’s revived clean energy plan.

I have never been a big supporter of Eskom building yet another dirty coal fired power plant so I am glad to report that the country will be building two clean energy plants, one 100 MW wind farm and one 100 MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant.

Concetrated Solap power

Power utility […]

Consumers get paid to use Wind Power

The worlds leading wind power generation countries are looking at ways to shed electricity as wind farms produce too much power. As the amount of electricity generated from wind mills depend on the strength of the wind, the generated electricity fluctuates. This fluctuating is causing utility companies to pay consumers when generation is high.