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Western Cape rainfall, June 2011

Cape Town has experienced a week of summer like weather over the past 10 days. These 10 days of summer is bound to have an impact on the city’s water supply. […]

The art of Rainwater Harvesting

Area’s around Cape Town experience 5 months of rainfall that is above 50mm. It is over this period that garden require little to non irrigation. This is when water tanks are either filling up or stand full and overflow excess water to waste. […]

A dry winter expected for the Western Cape

The weather service at Cape Town International Airport said the long-term forecast for the province done on January 17 predicted that rainfall would be 33% below normal in April, May and June this year. […]

Troops sent to prevent water riots

In an earlier blog I discussed what would happen if Cape Town’s water supply dried out. From the following article you will read that troops have been called in to prevent unrest in the Philippines due to a dire water shortage.This will not be the first time the military has been used to pacify thirsty […]

21 Tips to save water

The Department of Water Affairs has predicted that Cape Town’s water consumption will surpass its water supply by 2014. But this is date does not take into account that the city has experienced a higher that expected population increase as many South African are flocking to the DA ruled province.

Besides the already apparent population […]