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How big are Water Tank and their prices?

Water tanks are an excellent way to store large quantities of water and gain water independence to secure a fresh water supply in the face of water scarcity and water outages.

Whether you are looking for a water collecting (Rainwater / Groundwater / emergency water supply) system or just the tank for a DIY job, we have what you need. Once the water is in you water storage tank you can decide how you would like to use it, whether this be inside your home, for watering your garden or topping up your pool.

Our water tanks come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty in a variety of colours. We are the premier suppliers of Nel tanks and Jojo Tanks.

The price of a water tank:

Please note that prices can change without warning and that water tank prices displayed only give an indicative cost.

Vertical water tanks

(Size & Price)










(As of July 2016)

500 Standard  830mm 1180mm R 1 457.00
500 Slimline 570mm 2150mm R 1 757.00
750 Slimline 760mm 1850mm R 2616.00
1000 Slimline 750mm 2230mm R 2743.00
1000 Standard 1100mm 1400mm R 2025.00
1500 Standard 1150mm 1670mm R 2188.00
2000 Standard 1200mm 1900mm R 3064.00
2500 Standard 1450mm 1900mm R 3269.00
3500 Standard 1480mm 2210mm R 4514.00
5000 Standard 1840mm 2140mm R 4993.00
5000 Low profile 2200mm 1720mm R 6982.00
5500 Low profile 2184mm 1815mm R 7524.00
10000 Low profile 2420mm 2550mm R 14925.00
10000 Standard 2230mm 3130mm R 12174.00
water tank

water tank



Start augmenting your private water supply today, harvest your rainwater.