Dam levels for Cape Town decline in heavy rainfall month (May)

Dam levels supplying Cape Town have declined over the past week by 0.6% to 53.9% of capacity.

In a month were Cape Town historically receives 117mm of rain on average, with 11.4 wet days, it seems like the city might need to prepare itself for another year of water scarcity. Water consumption for the week increased to 676 million litres a day. It is however, still too early to predict whether another drought will grip the Mother City, but the rainfall for 2020 so far has been lower than the historical average.

Compared to last year, the dam levels for the City of Cape Town was at 45.3% and the average dam level for the Western Cape in 2019 was 33.5%.

Major Dam statistics
• Voëlvlei dam – 51% full this week (2019: 55%. Last week: 51.7%)
• Bergriver Dam 65.4% full this week (2019: 67%. Last week: 66%).
• Theewaterskloof dam – 50.4% full this week (2019: 35%. Last week: 50.9%)

Berg River dam, July 2019 – Photo: Vondeling Wines / Twitter